Sleep Overs, Dogs
Per night: $28.00
Note: Additional dogs from the same family will be $18.00 if they share sleeping quarters.
We proudly serve NATURAL BALANCE dog food (All natural, NO animal byproducts) provided at an additional cost of $2.00 per meal, or if you prefer, you may bring your pets own food.

It's acceptable to bring your pets favorite bedding & toys if you feel this will give your pet a sense of security while you are away.
Sleep Overs, Cats
Per Night: $20.00 (Multiple pet discount applies if they share the same suite).

Feeding - same as for dogs
Sleep Overs, Exotics, (ducks, birds, rabbits, ferrets, etc.)
Per Night: $18.00, (depending on care needs.)
Owners must provide food.
Day Camp:

1 Day(s): $18.00

Day Camp Passes*

Half Day(s) (0-5 hours): $10.00

Day Camp Passes (pre-paid visits)
5 Half Day Passes: $45.00
10 Half Day Passes: $75.00
20 Half Day Passes: $135.00
5 Full Day Passes: $75.00
10 Full Day Passes: $130.00
20 Full Day Passes: $235.00
unlimited monthly pass: $240.00
Additional dogs from the same family: 1/2 Price